Very Few People (VFP)

  • Very Few People is a jazz guitarist based in Phoenix, AZ. VFP plays mix of jazz classics and pop songs for live audiences at weddings, country clubs, corporate events, private parties, restaurants and other social gatherings. His music is great ambiance for dinner, conversation and elegant FUN parties!
  • VFP draws from the rich tradition of jazz; ”standard” songs, many of which have been with us for nearly a century. These classics are interpreted, improvised on and used as a creative spring for fresh, in-the-moment ideas as well as compositions later in the studio.
  • VFP is especially inspired by the great guitar legacies of Wes Montgomery, John Scofield and Pat Metheny. 
  • Although VFP is typically a solo project, on occasion, sessions can feature collaborations with other musicians. 
  • Performances are typically a mix of jazz standards and “jazzified” pop songs. 
  • VFP records and produces music drawing from the rock, jazz and electronica genres.
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